Professor Fangli QIAO

  Professor Fangli QIAO 
Organization: First Institute of Oceanography, P. R. China

Scientific Advances in Ocean Observations and Modelling Techniques

Dr. Fangli QIAO is a highly dedicated physic-oceanographer in China, specialized in ocean mixing processes, ocean and climate model developments, and marine ecosystem dynamics.

He discovered the non-breaking wave-induced vertical mixing, which is crucial for reducing systematic simulation biases in the upper ocean for various ocean and climate models. He first integrated surface wave with 
climate model in 2013, and developed the first global high-resolution wave-tide-circulation coupled model in 2015. In 2016, he led the development of a high efficient paralleled scheme and tested it with more than 10 millions of CPU cores. Dr QIAO has more than 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals and two published books.

Due to his research excellence, Dr. Fangli has received a number of academic awards including the Wooster Awards of PICES and Outstanding Scientist of IOC/WESTPAC in 2014, the New Century Talents National Candidate in 2007, and the Ninth China Youth Science and Technology Prize in 2006. 

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