Dr. Shige TAKADA

  Dr. Shige TAKADA 
Organization: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

Marine Plastics and Microplastics -Threats to Marine Ecosystems

Dr. Shige TAKADA is a well known marine geo-chemist at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.  With his expertise in trace analysis of organic micro pollutants,   he  has  been   dedicated  to  the 
protection of marine environment for almost three decades.  His research focuses on various compounds include persistent organic pollutants (POPs), endocrine disrupting chemicals, pharmaceuticals and antibiotics as well as molecular markers. 

Dr. Shige is a passionate scientist with enthusiasm to develop scientific collaborations with scientists from within and outside Japan. In 2005, he initiated the International Pellet Watch, the global network of POPsmonitoring by using beached plastic resin pellets (http://www.pelletwatch.org/).  He has been working with ~ 100 NGOs and a number of individuals who are concerned about marine plastic pollutions. 

Dr. Shige is the author of more than 150 peer-reviewed papers published in international journals with H-index of 41. 

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