Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

Abstracts have to be formatted in accordance with the instructed guidelines provided below and must be submitted by uploading in Microsoft Word format (.doc) through the online registration system. If you experience problems with uploading your abstract document, please contact iocwestpac10@fio.org.cn and iocwestpac10@yahoo.com

After your abstract has been received and checked by the local secretariat, a confirmation email will be sent to you accordingly. Authors' whose abstracts do not meet the required guidelines will be advised to make the necessary revisions before resubmitting their abstracts.
Examples of Abstract Formatting (pdf.)
Abstract Template (.doc)

Deadline of Submission: 02 December 2016
Notification of Abstract Acceptance: 21 December 2016
Abstract Guidelines
An abstract that does not conform to the following guidelines will be returned to the author for revision.
·        Language: English only
·        Format: Word (.doc) file
·        Max size: 400 words (body)
·        No pictures, tables, or graphs
·        Font type: Times New Roman
·        Font size: 12
Session No., Session Name and Convenor Names
Please indicate the session number, session name and convenor names in which you prefer to present your work (see the list of conference sessions and convenor names in Annex 1 or at http://www.iocwestpac10.com)
Abstract Formatting Details
1.         Title
2.         Author(s)
3.         Affiliation(s)
4.         Body

1. Title
Please do not capitalize all words;
Use italic and capital letters where appropriate.

Improvement in the South Asian summer monsoon climate model by using non-breaking wave-induced mixing
2. Authors
1.     Underline presenter's last name 
2.     a) Order: First Name Last Name;
        b) Separate co-authors' names by comma;
        c) Last two co-authors' names are separated with "and";
        d) Put numbers  of corresponding affiliations after the last names;
First Name Last  Name Affiliation Number, First Name Last Name Affiliation Number and First Name Last Name Affiliation Number
Kenji Tsuchiya1, Tomoko Yoshiki2, 3, Hideo Miyaguchi3, Kenichi Mori3, Tomohiko Kikuchiand Tatsuki Toda3 
3. Affiliation
Affiliations: full mailing addresses for all co-authors;
and e-mail address for a presenting author only
Affiliation Number   Full Mailing Address   E-mail
1Graduate School of Engineering, Soka University, 1-236 Tangi-cho, Hachioji, Tokyo, 192-8577, Japan. E-mail: ketsuchiy@gmail.com
2National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, 2-12-4 Fukuura, Kanazawa, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 236-8648, Japan
3Faculty of Engineering, Soka University, 1-236 Tangi-cho, Hachioji, Tokyo, 192-8577, Japan
4Graduate School of Environmental Sciences, Yokohama National University, 79-1 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama, 240-8501, Japan

4. Body
no figures
no tables

less than 400 words



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